How to Draw a Dragon and Castle

Artist: DuskEyes969 / March 5, 2018

Step 1.

We'll begin with some simple guide lines just to place the castel towers and the dragon on it .

Step 2.

Now draw the dragon and a bit of the tower under his wing.

Step 3.

Now a few towers, following the guide lines.

Step 4.

Now, the rest of the towers. And a few details which I made in pencil on the digital sketch . My brushes were too thick for such small details.

Step 5.

The last is the cliff.

Step 6.

Good, now we'll gonna make the membrane from the wing . Start off with a few lines . Use a light pencil , like a 2B.

Step 7.

Following the same pattern, use a darker pencil.

Step 8.

Same thing as in the last step, just a darker pencil again.

Step 9.

Now do the same on the next membrane . Leave the bones almost white.

Step 10.

Same, just a bit darker.

Step 11.

The other wing is much darker , repeat the process from the first wing even though you can barely see the membrane.

Step 12.

Now shade the arm , shoulders and the spikes.

Step 13.

Now go down the neck . Be careful since it's brighter than the rest of the body.

Step 14.

Shade the head using a very sharp pencil.

Step 15.

Shade the tail using a darker pencil , preferably a 5B.

Step 16.

Before drawing the castle, look at this minitutorial on how to draw rock/ stone texture .

Step 17.

Using the steps above, draw the top of the tower on which the dragon stands.

Step 18.

Now go down the tower. Usually I start from the left side of the paper, but since I already drew the dragon on the tower in the center, it has to be finished.

Step 19.

Now finishe the tower. For the darker areas use an 8B or a 9B.

Step 20.

Draw the rest of the towers starting from the left side.

Step 21.

Now draw the tower next to it.

Step 22.

Continue with the little two towers at the bottom.

Step 23.

With these two last towers the castle is done.

Step 24.

Now draw the cliff. The texture is no different from the texture on the castle, the only thing it lacks are the bricks. Again, starting from the left side.

Step 25.

Finish the flat side of the cliff.

Step 26.

Now the bottom side. This one is much darker the the upper side, use the right pencils. The background is made with graphite powder and a piece of cotton, and an eraser for the coulds.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Tags: draw dragons, dragon drawing, how to draw castles, dragon drawings
Description: Hello !. Today I'm bringing you a tutorial on how to draw a dragon on a castle , on a cliff. This is my first time drawing a dragon.....ever. I hope you like it. Good luck!