How to Draw an Easy Dragon Head


First, begin with the basic guidelines for the dragon which consist of a circle and a few cross hatched lines that will separate the guides in order to sketch the dragon.


Then sketch the top upper portion of the head keeping the brows most prominent as it's going to be the bulk of the head, and don't forget the nostril and the upper jaw lining.


Then sketch the lower jaw for the dragon, keeping in mind of the shape of the lower jaw and how it appears thinner to support the angle of the head.


Then, draw the horn and the fin.


Next, using thin line weights for these detailing lines, sketch in the indentation of horn and fin definition.


Then, start sketching his eye and the scales which lightly scatter in random areas around the face.


Next, using thicker line weights for this part, draw the upper and lower row of teeth.


Next, we're going to draw the tongue and the rest of the teeth in the backdrop, and then sketch the horns nestled above the snout.


Then, add the frills at the crown of the head. Once we draw the base of the next, we can finish these frills.


Using thick line weights, sketch in the base of the neck.


Lastly, finish with the rest of the frills and the detailing scales which dress the body. Don't forget the underbelly as well.


Revise your drawing and you should have something very similar to this or close. I hope this dragon tutorial satisfied some of you dragon fanatics! I had so much fun working on this one. Thanks for viewing and don't be hesitant to leave a comment or    

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October 3, 2014

Description: Hey guys, today I will be showing you an easy and cool way on drawing a wicked magma dragon!

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