How to Draw Toothless

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First, begin with the essential basic guidelines before you jump into the actual structure of Toothless. Take your time drawing these lines as they play as a foundation/skeleton for your drawing. I recommend to use colored pencils for this for easier   


Then, move onto drawing the facial structure before you start drawing the facial detailing. This is important since Toothless's head is rather a blocky oval shape. Take your time and determine where to place the lines by using the guidelines.


Next, draw the eyes and the nostrils. This will need patience since the eyes are like pointed ovals at the corners. Remember to take your time!


Then, we must draw the pupils and the mouth line for Toothless! As you can see, the middle of mouth is dented upwards because his face is actually pointed. This is why it's important to know your perspective. Don't forget to add the brows that add de   


Let's get to drawing the weird limbs that frame Toothless's face! This should be fun as it was definitely for me! Take your time and match up the lines with the guides you drew from Step 1.


Lastly, finish off by keeping in tune with the guidelines and draw the body. The Night Fury has a short neck that extends into a slim but stubby body.


With added fixtures and cleaning up, you should result with this! See how cute he is? I thought by drawing the cute version of Toothless, would add to the collection of "How to Train Your Dragon characters". I had a lot of fun painting and creating t   

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January 14, 2011

Description: Hey folks! It's me again and I'm going to be submitting another "How to Train Your Dragon" tutorial on "how to draw Toothless", step by step! I had so much fun with painting this portrait as I LOVE expanding my skills with different textures. I think the scales came out rather decent, enough to create this lesson on. I hope you guys will love this tutorial as I had so much fun creating it. Please don't be hesitant to leave behind feedback as I'll be obliged to reply! Have fun and thanks for viewing!

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