How to Draw a Deer Head, Buck, Dear Head


Before getting started pick your pencils. I decided to use only 2 pencils for this drawing. I used an H for sketching and light shading/lines and a B for dark shading/lines.


Start out with a basic sketch of the deer's head. Use the guide lines if you are having trouble getting it just right. Keep the antlers simplified for now.


Finish up the sketching portion by developing the antlers a bit more. No need for details yet.


Use a blending stump or cloth to roughly shade in the background. This will make the foreground pop out more.


Go in and roughly shade in the deer itself. Try to blend out all of the white spots.


Start adding detail by working on the dark portions of the head first. The B pencil will come in very handy here.


Shade in the fur. Keep it more rough than smooth. Avoid blending here if you want a more realistic look.


Shade in the ears. Use the B pencil for dark lines and the H pencil for lighter lines.


Now, add some rough shading to the antlers. This will guide you as you add detail to them in the upcoming steps.


Shade in your antlers one at a time. You'll mainly use the H pencil here. I used the H to outline and define the antlers.


Shade in your the other antler and add a few final touches. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you if not, leave me a comment about what I should work on. Until next time!

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August 10, 2011

Description: Hey everyone, I'm back with another animal tutorial. This time I'll be showing you how to draw a male deer, or a buck. Get your pencils and paper ready!

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