How to Draw Toothless


In this step, start out with the basic guidelines for his face and neck. Also add in the guides for the eyes.


Now you can start adding details such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. make sure the bottom jaw doesn't protrude past the top jaw. Also make sure the mouth is just slightly open, but not too much. Remember that Toothless has cat-like pupils, if you want   


Now add in his ear-type things. The largest ones are his ears, the others are just extra horns/flappy things, for decoration. Remember that Toothless' ears are very expressive, if he is angry, they will be pinned back against his head, if he is happy   


Now add in his teeth, and the small spikes on top of his head, as well as finalize the lines and spikes on the neck.


Now add in his scales. Make them different sizes and shapes. Try not to put them everywhere, just in protruding places like the nose, cheeks, and ears. You can also colour in the mouth, and pupils.


Now add in any final details you want, get rid of guidelines if the are still there. Now you can colour him, paint him, shade him, or leave him! Now you can draw Toothless to your heart's content! Stay tuned for more Toothless tuts later on! Enjoy!

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September 15, 2013

Description: I had so much fun drawing this adorable dragon! Toothless is my new favourite character! He is just so cute... anyways, Toothless is a character from Dreamworks' origonal cartoon, How to Train Your Dragon. In the movie, Toothless belongs to the elusive Night Fury species, one of many dragon species. Night Fury's are never spotted, save for Toothless. Toothless is the only Night Fury ever seen by anybody. Night Furies are all black, with a round head and bunny-like ears. They appear at first to have not teeth, hence the name "Toothless", but the teeth actually retract into the gums when not in use, but the will come up when a Night Fury attacks, or is eating. I hope you enjoy drawing this adorable dragon as much as I did! Enjoy!

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