How to Draw a Skeleton

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To start this lesson on how to draw a skeleton, draw a basic frame to work with so that your bony character comes out looking whole. Start with a circle for it's head and then add the facial guidelines. you will then draw the body frames lines of mot   


Draw out the exact shape of the skeletons skull as you see here and then draw the shapes of the eyes as well as shade them in. You will then draw the nose hole and then the teeth. So far your skeleton is coming out spooktiful!


You will now draw out the shape of the neck bone and or spine. When that is done you can then start sketching out the shoulders and then the tops of the humerus bone which is our upper arm that connects to the shoulder socket. Next sketch out the sha   


Finish drawing the humerus and then start drawing out the radius and the ulna which is our forearm bones. Next draw out the bony hands as you see here and then move to the next step.


Start this step by drawing out the vertebrae and then the coxae bone which is what we call the pelvic area. After that you can start drawing out the femur bones, and these are the bones that is our upper leg and or thighs.


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw out the rest of the skeleton legs that are known as the tibia and fibula. Once that is complete you can then draw out the shape of the feet, toes and all. Erase all the guidelines that you   


When you are done your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. You can choose to color it in, draw a background, or leave it be. I hope you guys had an awesome time learning "how to draw a Halloween skeleton step by step".

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September 7, 2009

Description: Hello everyone welcome to and to another brand new lesson for the day. I wanted to start the day off to an exciting start because in less than a month Halloween will be here. There is a very popular concept that I have never submitted and neither has anyone else for that matter. This first tutorial is going to teach you "how to draw a skeleton step by step". Yes this may be a simple drawing of your body’s core, but when October 31st rolls around it goes from human anatomy to a Halloween skeleton. One great thing that I love about drawing a skeleton is that you can get crazy with the whole figure. Instead of keeping the drawing boring, I added some cool flames piercing out of the skeleton's eyes. The background is what you would commonly see, as the colors go with the Halloween month that is drawing near. The typical shades for October is orange, brown, black, purple, and even red. Some people choose to decorate their houses using Styrofoam pumpkins and glittered leaves with pumpkin scented candles laying everywhere. Instead I like to throw a festive Halloween table cloth on the table and stick some clinging in the windows of witches, goblins, pumpkins, ghouls and ghosts. The skeleton that I drew came out very neat and clean. I wanted it also to be something that everyone can tackle with ease since learning "how to draw a skeleton" can be difficult for some artists that are inexperienced with the concept. All the bones and structure of the human skeleton is pretty much complete. You have the cranium or skull, the mandible which is also known as the jaw, the scapula, humerus, vertebrae, rib cage, pelvic bone, femur, tibia, and the skeletal hands and feet. All in all this is going to be a pretty simple lesson to complete because although our human skeleton is complex in make-up, learning “how to draw a skeleton” step by step is easy as one, two, three. Have fun with this lesson and when you are done you can choose to use it for Halloween, or you can use it for a school science project when it is time for you guys to study and learn about the human body and it’s anatomy. Peace out gang and happy drawing!

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