How to Draw a Simple Anime Girl

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Draw the outlined shape of the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, sketch out the structure of the face, then draw in the hair line which has a simple parted style. The long hair falls on her face very softly.


Use the facial guidelines then draw in the thick lining for the eyelids which is also where you will add some lashes. Draw the lining to form the nose, then move to step four.


Finish drawing the eyes, then add the lining for her eyebrows. You will then sketch in the blush marks on her cheeks, then add a simple open mouth.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the rest of her head shape in the form of her hair as well. You will then draw the neck, shoulder and some of her back. Add detailing to her hair, then erase those mistakes as well as the fac   


Here is the line art for your anime girl. I love the way she came out and I hope you do too. Color her in to finish things off.

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November 22, 2013

Description: I have a series of anime girls that I will be uploading today and they have been sitting in the tutorial folder for a while now. To start the series off, I will upload this lesson on "how to draw a simple anime girl". This simplistic beauty has long brown straight hair, pretty brown eyes and a yellow flower embedded in her hair. I truly love the way that she came out and as of today she is one of my favorite anime girls that I have drawn in a while. There is only five simple steps to follow, so I'm confident that you will all love drawing a simple anime girl. Stick around because there is more anime on the way. Peace out and enjoy.

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