How to Draw Michael Jordan

Artist: Dawn / September 3, 2009

Step 1.

Start this step by drawing a simple stick man like figure as seen here. You will work with this frame to draw out the Jumpman logo which is a silhouette of Michael Jordan and his famous air jump.

Step 2.

For step two you will first sketch out the shape of the head and then work your pencil to the right hand side to draw the shape of Michael Jordan's arm and basketball. Next draw out the left arm and hand as shown to you here and then draw the right f   

Step 3.

Youwill finish sketching out the shape of his left arm and hand and then begin drawing out the left side of his torso and waist. Continue the lining into a long leg shape and then draw the outline of his high top sneaker which is probably a Nike Air    

Step 4.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is close off the shapes of his legs. Finish the sneakers and then draw the lining for between his legs. Erase the inner guidelines that you drew in step one and move to see what your sketch of Mic   

Step 5.

Here it is, the outlined silhouette shape of the basketball legend. Color in this logo any shade you like and place the finished drawing on anything you like. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on "how to draw Michael Jordan" in his Jumpman logo f   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 3, 2009
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Description: I am working on a bunch of projects which is why I haven’t made such a bold appearance lately. To switch things up a bit I wanted to submit a lesson that was sports related. I have almost every sports equipment that I can think of like baseball, football, soccer ball, volleyball, hockey puck, football helmet, and so forth. Basketball is probably one of the funnest sports to play because all you have to do is aim for the basket and shoot the ball. I don’t like to play the full blown game of basketball, but I do like to stand in front of a basketball hoop and play some ball by throwing the ball in the basket. There is one particular player that has made a big impact on the game and there is good cause for it too. He was one of the greatest basketball players ever to have played the court, but unfortunately he is now retired. The National Basketball Association stated that “Michael Jordan is THE best basketball player of all time”. His first major league basketball team was the Chicago Bulls which he joined back in 1984. After his career started taking off he was being noticed and recognized as being a major league star. He would entertain the crowds with his skills at playing the game by scoring nonstop points, and he became famous for his “slam dunks” and seemingly jumping threw the air to perform these incredible leaps to the hoop. He earned the nickname “Air Jordan” and “his Airness”. I think it is safe to say that Michael Jordan “leaped” his way to fame. Along with being an incredible basketball player and entertainer, he was also recognized as being one of the leagues best defensive members of the sport of basketball. He made his first break from the NBA when he retired in the year of 1993. The reason why he retired is because he wanted to start playing baseball and that was quickly short lived. He returned to the Chicago Bulls during the season of 1995 and later retired once again in 1999. You would think that after retiring two times already, he would finally call it quits right? Wrong, he returned to basketball in 2001 but this time he played for the Washington Wizards and then he retired once again in 2003 and this time it was for good. No matter how you look at this individual, he was a great player and I’m sure if you called him to a game of ball he would still have what it takes even at his age. The tutorial that I will be showing you how to draw is the Jordan logo that is seen on the Air Jordan shoe made by Nike. The first Air Jordan was released in 1985 and along with it came the famous logo. I will be showing you "how to draw Michael Jordan" step by step in the form of his “Jumpman logo”. As you can imagine it is a very easy lesson so I hope you guys have fun with it. I have to go now but I will return. Until next time people, peace out and happy drawing.