Earn money doing what you love doing most -- drawing!

Sell access to your digital art to Dragoart members and help aspiring artists learn how to draw. Thousands search and browse the Dragoart website for high quality tutorials and drawings each and every day. If you have a knack for teaching and want earn money in the process, get started now. We will help you succeed every step of the way. Start Now!

Where to Begin

  1. First thing first, to get paid, you have to setup a Stripe account and then connect it to Dragoart's Stripe account. When signed-in go here, 'Payee Info'
  2. Once you set up your Stripe account and connect it to us, it's time to upload your digital goods. You have two ways to sell.
  • Sell an item as single unit: For instance, to sell a access to a tutorial. Go to 'Manage Tutorials' page and at the top of page, next to the text 'Add Tutorials' there's an HTML slider. Click the slider to set it to 'Paid', make sure you do this before you upload your images, because once the tutorial is created as 'free' or 'paid' it can't be changed to the opposite state. After the images upload edit the tutorials like normal and make sure to set a price for the individual unit.
  • Sell multiple items as a single unit, A.K.A. a PaidPak: A PaidPak is just a grouping of tutorials that share a common theme and that would be sold as a group. Add as many items as you want using the steps from 'Sell an item as Single unit.' When you have finished adding your items, make your way to the 'Manage PaidPak' page. From that page click '+New' link at the top. Edit the PaidPak and add as many items as you want for the PaidPak. Make sure you set the PaidPak's price to account for all the items you bundled.
That's all there is to it.
If you have any questions, ask through the member chat, member email, or Contact Us page; you can also leave a post here. Thank You.

Terms of Sales

  1. You have to be 18 years of age or older to sell anything on Dragoart.
  2. You agree not to upload Copyrighted works belonging to any entity other than the creator of such works; the creator being you. If you do upload someone else's Copyrighted material we will remove the material and may decide to remove your account, so be nice and don't do it.
  3. You agree to a fee for the sale of each and every item you sell on Dragoart (see details under the 'fee section'.)
  4. You agree to allow Dragoart to make a primary copy, a copy for each revision, and to store that copy for every item you sell on the site(why do we do this you ask. we do it because if you decide to remove your account or decide to stop selling the given items, the members that purchased those items would lose access to those items, so we make a copy of the items; it's only fair, since they paid for the items.)


There are two fees that are charged per sale, Stripe's fee and Dragoart's fee.
The Stripe fee is as follows: 30 cents flat fee & 2.9% fee
The Dragoart fee is as follows: 20% fee

Example Stripe Fee Dragoart Fee Total Fees Your Cut
For $1.99, you're selling access to a single tutorial .30 + (1.99 x .029) = .36 (1.99 x .2) = .40 (.40+.36)= .76 (1.99 - .76) = 1.23
For $3.99, you're selling access to a PaidPak containing 3 tutorials, 3 artwork, and 2 videos .30 + (3.99 x .029) = .42 (3.99 x .2) = .80 (.42+.80)= 1.22 (3.99 - 1.22) = 2.77