How to Draw Mega Charizard


Begin by making two shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. You will sketch in the facial guide and neck like so.


Begin sketching out the shape of Mega Charizard's head like so, then draw the lower mandible and points at the back of it's head.


Draw the shape of the eye, then draw the nostril arch as well as the one tooth.


We will begin drawing the neck and body. Start with the long neck shape, then draw the chest, back legs and feet. Add the three toenails on each foot too.


Begin drawing the arms and some of the small wings on the back of the forearms, then add a little detailing to the edge of the wings.


You will now draw out the long tail and then sketch in the jagged razor sharp edges. Draw the tuft of fire at the end of the tail, then proceed to step seven.


Lastly, sketch out the large dragon wings and then be sure that they are pointed at the tips. Erase your mistakes and you are finished.


Here is the line art once you are finished. Color in your drawing of Mega Charizard and show off your work.

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September 7, 2013

Description: I'm sorry I didn't get this other mega Pokemon uploaded yesterday but once again I got side tracked. So here is "how to draw Mega Charizard", step by step. I have to say, Charizard is one of the few Mega Pokemon that looks different from it's original state. Charizard was also one of my favorite species growing up as a Pokemon lover as a kid. It's because Charizard looks like a dragon mixed with another cool species of animal I can't put my finger on but I'm leaning towards saying a dinosaur. Anyways, drawing Mega Charizard was a blast. I really liked making this lesson because it brought back so many childhood memories. I will be back soon with more tuts and yes, you will love what I have to submit. Peace out people.

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