How to Draw Taylor Swift Easy

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Begin by drawing the guide for Taylor's head and sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the head/face guide, define the shape or structure of Taylor Swift's face like you see here on a 3/4 view angle. You will then draw her hair which is combed to one side as it falls on her face along the side.


Here we will sketch out the entire shape of Taylor's head which also happens to be her hairstyle. Taylor Swift has wavy hair sometimes and straight styles other times.


We will complete the body by drawing the shoulders, collar bone and then dress strap.


Add some detailing to her hair for added texture like so.


Lastly, draw in her eyebrows, then her squint shaped eyes. After her eyes are drawn you can sketch out the nose and mouth or lips. Make the ends of her eyes bold or darkened for the makeup as she often wears black wings. Erase the guides and you are    


That's it, you have finished this drawing on Taylor Swift easy. I hope you had fun. You can color in your drawing if you like.

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November 12, 2014

Description: Well, Taylor Swift has been in the headlines with a couple of her new songs that have some interested and toe tapping catch phrases like 'Shake it Off and Blank Space'. Both songs are about her personal relationships with men in the past and how she can't seem to hang on to anyone. But, she also let's us know that she is perfectly happy being single which is a good thing. Anyways, here is a lesson for all you Taylor Swift fans. We will learn "how to draw Taylor Swift easy", step by step. I have to say, through the years her look hasn't changed at all. She looks a teenie bit older, but not by much. Drawing Taylor Swift easy should be really simple. If my eleven year old sister can succeed so can you.

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