How to Draw a Warrior

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In this first step you will be drawing the guidelines and shapes to form the frame of the spartan warrior. First draw the first of many shapes, an oblong shape for the head. Then from under the head draw out the shape for the body and arms as shown a   


Here is where you will start to detail the Spartan warrior. Enlarge the image and start sketching out the face hidden behind the helmet. Detail the top of the helmet as well. Then work your way down and detail the cape by sketching in a few wrinkles    


Here in this step you really don't have to do anything major just detail the cape to make it look long and flowing. You are also going to have to sketch in the beard on the kings face. Sketch out the detailing and lining for the swords holster and de   


This is the last step where you will actually have to draw out any further. At this point before you draw out the rest of the image erase all the guidelines and shapes you drew back in step one. Starting at the helmet detail the shape that surrounds    


This is what your warrior should look like after you are done drawing him out. I know that was just a tad difficult but it was well worth it. All that is left to do is color him in. This completes the tutorial on how to draw a Spartan Warrior.

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April 6, 2008

Description: In this rough and rugged tutorial you are going to learn two things, 1 how to draw a Spartan warrior, and 2 the history of a Spartan warrior. I wanted to make a tutorial on a warrior but I didn’t want it to be on just any warrior. After watching the movie 300 Spartans last week for the first time, I decided that was the warrior I wanted to draw. I also chose to draw King Leonidas because he was a brave battling character if I ever seen one before. I truly got into this film to a point where I wanted to learn more about the Spartan race. What I found interesting was how disciplined these men where. All men from Sparta are automatically enlisted as a warrior from birth. The moment an infant boy is born they are fully examined; the plump robust looking males that are born relatively large with a lot of mass are chosen to be acceptable. The infants that seem scrawny, weak and on the small side like premature infants are left on the mountain tops to die because they are seen as a weak link, so to prevent them from breeding when they are of age they stop them while they are defenseless. I know it seems cruel to use now, but for these people it was accepted. Remember all this was going on before Christ around 400 BC. After they are picked from different families, these young boys started their training at age 7, and not just simple training, they were taught to survive in cold conditions with little clothes or no clothes at all, and they where only to eat black broth and rough fare. They also encouraged these young Spartan boys to steal food to teach them how to be cleaver and quick minded, this was how they trained them to be stealthy. You would think with all this training and how tough and self disciplined these young men where they would think that literacy was a must as well right? Wrong, they felt that a warrior needs not to learn how to read or write because his main purpose from the time he is 20 until he is 60 years of age is to be a Spartan warrior. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Spartan warrior. The step by step instructions make it easy for you to learn how to draw one of the most feared warriors of all time.

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