How to Draw a Lion

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In order to draw a lion, you have to make some shapes that will aid you to sketching out this animal a whole lot easier. Start with a few shapes. Make one for the head, another for the chest, and then one more odd shape for the back end of the lion.    


Next, start sketching out the frame for the lions face like you see here. Notice how the mane frames the face nicely. The cheeks should also be sketched in as well as the mouth or muzzle. Lastly, draw the back end lining too.


It's now time to start sketching out the lion's mane like you see here. One of the most majestic aspects to the creation of a male lion is the mane. Not only does this display beauty, it also helps the lion dominate over other male lions. The bottom    


Before you add more detailing to the face, I want you to start sketching out the front legs, and paws, and then the elbow, belly, and some of the hind legs. Add some detailing to the body like so, and then sketch in some whiskers, eyeballs, and ear a   


Lastly, sketch out the hind legs, and then add the slashes for the clawed nails. Draw the thick robust tail, and don't forget to add some hair at the tip. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Here is what your lion looks like when all is said and done. Now you can color it in and add this sketch to your lion portfolio. I hope you not only learned something new, but had fun drawing a lion too.

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September 10, 2010

Description: I’m back and along with my return I bring another animal tutorial. Now just by looking at this lesson you will know that I have drawn a lot of lions in the past. But sometimes one of those tutorials needs to be updated so that there is just not one to choose from with the same heading. So having explained why I will be showing you once again "how to draw a lion", step by step, I think you will understand the need for me to do such a drawing if you where to go ahead and click on the lion I drew back in 2008. Lions are one of my favorite animals from the big cat family, and they have always been an extremely fun animal for me to draw. My skills at drawing lions have gotten better, although I will say that I am no pro yet. I don’t know why lions have a bit of a complex side to them, but I think it’s because they have such intense faces and bodies, and this is what makes replicating a lion difficult. The lion I drew in 2008 was just a plain old head shot, but today you will get a lesson on the whole lion, body and all. I didn’t want to make this tutorial too complex, so I tried to sketch a figure that was in a pose that could easily be replicated, and I also wanted to make sure the face was simple to sketch as well. Anyway, this time there really isn’t much I can say about these kings of the safari except have fun drawing a lion once again. I will be back shortly with another great lesson for you all to tackle. Keep those pencils at hand, and those minds thinking. Adios mi amigos!

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