How to Draw Joey Jordison


Begin with the shape line for the mask and the guide lines for the eyes , nose and mouth.


Now draw the eye sockets and the nose. Also draw the face line again.


Now make the details on the face. You don't have to make them exaclty how you see them here. The picture will come out blurred in the end so it doesn't really matter.


Now we'll begin drawing his crown of thornes. Start with just a few like you see here, then make your way up.


Now make the rest of the thornes.


The final step of sketching is making the "scars" on his forehead. Well I think they're scars, but just make them.


The eye sockets are mostly black with a few shades of grey on the sides which indicate depth.


Fill in with black the shapes on the right cheek. Blurr them a bit after you're done, using a piece of paper or cotton.


Now do the same thing for the left cheek.


Now the mouth. This is the most blurred out part of the whole drawing. This is why I told you that you don't have to replicate the model exactly.


The scars are mostly black . Be carefull not to draw over the thornes .


Now shade the forehead a bit. It's ok if you shade over the thornes, it won't make a difference.


Now begin shading the thornes, starting with the sharp tips. Don't make the too dark so they stand out , it looks better.


This is a bit hard. Shade the rest of the crown of thornes, it's basic cylindrical shading, but be carefull because some thornes go over others. Also, shade the mask a bit more. This is beneath the thornesthe it should be darker in some places.


A bit more shading on the mask .


Only a bit of hair is visible, and it's very dark, so you don't need to add a lot of detail to that .Also begin filling in with black around the mask.


Draw the shapes under the mask. I don't know exactly what those are. I didn't want to include those in the begining which is why they're not in the sketch. Blurr them out a lot and add more background.


Fill in the rest of the background and you're done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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December 4, 2013

Description: Hello people of dragoart. Today I'll be teaching you how to draw Joey Jordison , mostly known as the drummer from Slipknot, but he also plays guitar in a band called Murderdolls. Enjoy !

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