How to Draw Spiderman Hello Kitty


Start out by drawing a good sized circle for her head and then sketch in the one facial guide.


Even though she is going to be turned into Spiderman, Hello Kitty still has to keep her signature bow so draw that in as well.


Next, let's draw out the actual shape and structure of her face and be sure to add her cat ears. When that is done draw a nose and also add her whiskers, three on each side.


You can now draw her arm and hand as well as her leg which is being lifted up for an action packed pose.


Draw in her other arm and hand, as well as the rest of her body and other leg. Make the detailing lines for the suits design on her arms, torso, and at the base of her legs like so.


Even Hello Kitty's Spiderman suit has to have those spider like bug sized eyes. Draw those in as well and then move to step seven.


Noe draw the web design on her face mask, as well as the Spiderman spider on her torso. Be sure to color in the spider as well.


Lastly, draw the web pattern in the mid section of her torso, as well as at the base of her legs like so. You might want to erase your mistakes before drawing the webbing on her body.


When you have finished your drawing, the superhero version of Hello Kitty should look like the one you see here. Now you can grab your red and blue crayons, markers, pencils or paint, and begin the coloring process.

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March 7, 2012

Description: Well you guys suggested that my next Hello Kitty concept be one as her dressed up as Spiderman. After considering the idea, I went ahead and made this tutorial on "how to draw Spiderman Hello Kitty", step by step. Even though I thought that a Spiderman version of Hello Kitty was going to be boring to create, I actually had an awesome time. It was really fun turning the sweet looking pop culture figure into a superhero dressed in all blue and red. As I was coloring her in I realized that she is the same color as Dragoart's theme colors. Anyways, I think that even though she is a girl kitty, all you guys and girls will enjoy drawing Spiderman Hello Kitty. I will return with some more drawing fun so try and stay tuned in to see what else I have in store for all ya'll. Peace out and enjoy!

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