How to Draw the Flag of Mexico


We will begin by drawing the bird that makes up the Coat of Arms. Start with a small head shape, then draw the small oval for the body.


Next, sketch out the birds head, then draw the hook shaped beak. You will also need to add a little shading to darken some areas as well as give this bird a spiked crown.


In this step you will simply draw the ribbon that is in the bird's mouth or beak.


Up next, sketch out the body and add the layer of feathers down the back and puff up the tail.


We will tackle the task of drawing the small expanded wing, then draw in all of the tail feathers until they form a fan.


Sketch in detailing to the wing with two layers of feathers, then you can move forward.


Add more of the ribbon which hangs below the beak and is clutched with the right/left talon. You will then draw the other talon.


The bird is perched atop of a stream of cactus'. You will draw each section, then proceed to step nine.


To finish the Coat of Arms design simply draw out the leaves and other debri that makes the half ring under the bird design.


Lastly, add two very straight vertical lines so you can color in three colors, green, white and red. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


Once you color in this drawing, you will have yourself a very cool sketch of the Mexican flag otherwise known as Bandera de México.

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May 5, 2017

Description: Here is a flag that I didn't expect to see because no one really asked me to make a tutorial on "how to draw the Mexican flag". As you already know, this flag is for the country of Mexico, and although it Mexico is another country, all it takes is a hop, skip, and a jump to visit the very colorful country. Mexico has so much culture embedded within the people and all of its surroundings. People visit Mexico for their beaches, restaurants, and all beautiful settings. The flag was originally adopted on September 16, 1968. In the center of the flag on the white stripe is the the Mexican Coat of Arms. replicating this flag using Dragoart's tutorial should be simple enough. So if you're a native to Mexico I think you will enjoy drawing the Mexican flag.

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