How To Draw Hello Kitty

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I have one question for you, are you ready to take a stroll in the park and draw hello kitty? First start off by drawing simple line art that will help guide you through the Hello Kitty process. If you look closely these guidelines look like Japanese   


Now take your pencil and draw a big wide oval shape for the head of Hello Kitty. After that draw another circle around the oval shape you just drew and add the shape of two rounded eras. Next draw out two oblong oval eyes and shade them in and add ey   


Now here in the last step you will draw all the accessories that the Hello Kitty character is wearing. Staring with her oversized bow that is located on the right corner of her ear. Now draw her whiskers that are attached to the sides of her cheek in   


Now you are finished with your drawing. This is what your hello kitty character should look like when you are completely done. You can color in her outfit any color you want to and add more accessories if you wish. That was a super easy tutorial on "   

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March 9, 2008

Description: This is going to be a cute and lovely tutorial on one of most cunning characters that has ever been created, "how to draw Hello Kitty". I sketched out the image from the "Hello Kitty" website because I thought that she looked so adorable and it isn’t the typical image you see on a Hello Kitty character. Who is Hello kitty and where on earth did she originate from? That is a good question you ask. The image of Hello Kitty comes in a variety of styles; she comes as a boy or girl. This unique character was designed by the Japanese company Sanrio based in Tokyo Japan back in 1974. Hello Kitty is a globally known trademark that was registered in 1976. This stubby kitty didn’t always have such a catch phrased name; the fact is the original name for this animated looking cat was “Whitey Kitty”. The names was inspired by the British novel by Lewis Carroll “Through the Looking Glass”, British culture was popular with the girls of Japan. As you may have guessed the name didn’t do well with these young women at all, so the name was changed. When 1999 rolled around, Hello Kitty was introduced to her first boyfriend called “Dear Daniel”. The designers that created the character took his name from the film “Melody”. Mark Lancaster stared in this film back in 1971, and his name was Daniel. The Hello Kitty collection has a bunch of friends from the Sanrio Company like Kero Kero Keroppi. This particular Sanrio character was put back on display in late 2007. Does this white kitty have any pets? Well of course she does. Hello Kitty has a pet cat (of all things) of her own called Charmmy Kitty, and a pet hamster Sugar. This easily drawn character is loved by girls as young as 2 and as old as 32. She comes like I said in different styles and outfits to suit anyone’s style or personality. I mean even actors and actresses like accessorize their style to this hip kitty from Tokyo Japan. This tutorial is so amazingly easy, that there is no possible way you can’t draw hello kitty in the first try. So sit back, get your cat, and start learning "how to draw Hello Kitty". It so easy that you’ll want to do it twice! You can also visit the Saniro and create your own fun art, and even color Hello Kitty. Have fun guys and happy drawing!

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