Less Ads, you register

I shut the ads off, if you create an account. They're annoying, I admit, but how to pay for the server and bandwidth.

January 13, 2024 AT 10:34 AM (updated: 1 month ago)

Resurrecting the Drawing Battles

Does anyone have any feelings about drawing battles, one way or the other? Maybe you like them, maybe you don't, maybe you don't know how to use them. Give me some ideas people.

January 13, 2024 AT 10:30 AM (updated: 1 month ago)

working on a chat for the site

What does everyone think about a chat being added to the site. Also, what does everything think about artists being able to sell their artwork. Let me know in the comments.

January 3, 2024 AT 12:12 AM (updated: 1 month ago)

Happy New Year!

I got the profile feed working again, so posting works. Will be working on the messaging system and getting that functional, shouldn't take long. Hope everyone has a great New Year! Keep up the drawin

December 31, 2023 AT 09:42 AM (updated: 1 month ago)

The member section is back up!

Thanks everyone for you patience. I know a lot of people tried signing in but wasn't able to. If you have any further problems, find any bugs, or just want a new feature, zip me a note in the comments

December 18, 2023 AT 04:24 PM (updated: 2 months ago)

Finishing up the backend Tutorial & Artwork Management Pages

Working non-stop to get the tutorial management and other pages updated and ready to got. I'll keep you updated. Thanks for your patience.

December 13, 2023 AT 10:18 PM (updated: 2 months ago)

Site Update

We're excited to inform you that our site has undergone a recent update, which you may have already noticed. We invite you to sign up and explore the improved features. Please note that there will be

December 8, 2023 AT 09:24 AM (updated: 2 months ago)

We have lift-off! Invite friends and family! See who has the best drawing skills!

We hope you like the new and improved version of Dragoart. We had a blast designing it. If you have any suggestions or problems please go to the appropriate sticky post and submit them. Thanks and w

August 14, 2022 AT 07:19 AM (updated: 2 months ago)

New and Improved Dragoart

Hello and welcome to Dragoart both old and new. If you have been a long lasting member here, you may have already noticed the significant difference with our site. Dragoart is now more engaging than e

August 30, 2022 AT 03:08 PM (updated: 2 months ago)

Report issues, bugs and feature requests here

Dragoart asks their members to please report any issues or bugs you may experience during your time our site. Any redirects, bugs, or issues should be reported in the comment section below. We also en

August 14, 2022 AT 09:55 AM (updated: 1 year ago)