How to Draw Dragon Hiccup


This lesson may be a little more difficult than Toothless was as a human so be patient. Start off with the head shape, then draw the neck line, and torso outline. You will also need to draw in the facial guidelines as well as the wing guides.


Using the guide from step one, sketch out the shape of the head along with the horns all around and on top of the head and face. This should be simple, but if you feel like the task is too complex, take your time.


For the next step, draw out the shapes of the very expressive nervous looking eyes like so. When that is done you can draw in the nose, mouth and all of the scales on the face. Since Hiccup has freckles, I added those to on his dragon face.


Now we will work on the body. Sketch out the lining for the neck shape, then take your time as you draw the torso or chest as well as the thick, trunk like front legs and talons. The feet or talons should be bulky just like Toothless' legs and feet.    


All you have to do in this step is draw out the thick tail. Add some scales to the tail, then proceed to step six.


For the most part you will be done with Hiccup's dragon body when you are finished with step six. You will finish the other side of the neck shape, then draw in the back line as well as the hind leg and foot. Draw the clawed toes large and add those    


Okay, now you are all done with the body. All that you need to do now is draw out the wings. The wings are pretty basic so have fun with it. Add the webbing inside of the skin based tissue, then erase the mistakes and guides you drew in step one.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can enjoy the task of coloring in this dragon version of Hiccup.

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September 23, 2013

Description: I really hope I succeeded with this interpretation of Hiccup in dragon form. This was a tricky task to overcome because I honestly didn't know what I was going to do as far as turning Hiccup into a dragon. In the end I relied on the facial expression and the colors to show who this transformation is supposed to be. The good news is, my little sister said "that's probably what he would look like too". So at least there is one satisfied fan of How to Train Your Dragon. I don't thing I need to tell you that this lesson is on "how to draw dragon Hiccup", step by step because I just went on a rant on my drawing insecurities. That's okay though because when you are part of an art community, you can express how you feel about your art. Even though the concept was tough, I still had fun with the challenge. Hopefully all you HTTYD fans like this tut on drawing a dragon version of Hiccup. I have to fly out of here, but I will be back in a bit. Enjoy and peace out.

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