How to Draw Wednesday Addams From Addams Family


Let's get started with Wednesday Addams. Begin by making two guide shapes which are pretty thin and oblong. Sketch in the facial guides too.


Next, use the facial guide to draw out the shape of Wednesday's long narrow face. This is to make her ghoulish in appearance. Also, add her part line too for the the head and hair.


We will complete the head shape by drawing the sides of the hair which then end in long braids. Look at the ends of the braids, see how they are shaped as nooses. This is a new character design for Wednesday Addams.


We can get started with her face next. Draw in the large, inexpressive eyes and then add the nose and mouth. Notice how her face is just blank. Don't forget the lids and lashes as well as the brows.


We will now draw out her body. Draw the long collar of the dress which buttons right up to her neck. When that is done draw the long narrow shape of her body which is in the form of a coat of sorts.


Add the buttons that flow straight down her coat.


Next, draw in Wednesday's long arms and the high raised cuffs on her sleeves. You will also need to draw in her hands as well.


For the last step let's draw the legs (which are incredibly thin) and then the socks and shoes. Since this is the last step you should erase the mistakes as well as all the guides you drew.


Here is the line art now that you are done. Have fun coloring Wednesday Addams in.

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March 9, 2019

Description: Okay guys. I am going to do a series of characters that I have never done before (which I can't believe). I was doing a little research yesterday and I found out that an animated version of the Addams Family is going to be in theaters in October of this year, 2019. So, what better way to start the lesson day then with a couple tutorials on drawing The Addams Family characters. I will start with this one on how to draw Wednesday Addams, step by step. This is how she looks in the new animated series. I love the new character design because it matches their ghoulish personalities and weird character traits. As you know Wednesday is one of the more popular characters from The Addams Family. She is a rebellious teen who is witchy in her own way. I had a lot of fun drawing Wednesday Addams and I know you will too. I shall be back with another lesson in a few, but for now have fun with Wednesday.

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