How to Draw a Beautiful Face


We will make the head/face guide like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now begin sketching out the shape of this girl's chiseled face like so, then draw the pose of her hair starting with the long bangs.


Next, draw and color in the nicely shaped eyebrows. You will then draw the top eyelid lines like so, and make sure they are a bit scruffy.


Finish drawing the shapes of the eyes and when you do, add the lashes and some of the crease above the eye. Add the slight shape of her nose, then proceed to step five.


Sketch in the nose, then draw in the lips/mouth like so. I gave her a full set of lips, just to make her that much more prettier. Add the dimple below the bottom lip for chin indentation.


Finish drawing the shape of her head in the form of her beautiful hairstyle which is straight, a bit feathers, and long.


Draw in the neck and shoulders, then sketch the detailing to the bottom of her throat.


Lastly, erase the facial guidelines then draw in the hair strand lines to add texture and detailing to her hair.


This is the finished drawing when complete. Now you can add color to bring this pretty or beautiful face to life.

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April 20, 2014

Description: I was looking around the site and I couldn't find a lesson on "how to draw a beautiful face". I know I have drawn some pretty characters in the past, but I really wanted to see a tut on drawing a beautiful face. I know that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, but when I closed my eyes and thought of a beautiful face, something like the drawing you see here came to mind. Three things I absolutely love about this face are; the eyes (including eyebrows), nose, and her mouth or lips. The shape of her face is almost perfect, and the hairstyle is pretty too. If you have been waiting to see a tut on drawing a beautiful face, this lesson is for you. Of course you can tweak the face any way you like by maybe drawing curly or wavy hair, maybe a shorter style, different hair color, or even eye shapes. Whatever you want to see, you can add.

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