How to Draw Shadow Easy

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You are ready to start drawing Shadow so here is what you will need to do. Begin with a circle shape for the head guide, and then sketch in a facial line across the shape.


Here you will begin drawing out the shapes of the large eyes. You can do the the same way you drew Sonic's eyes only in a more devious manner. Add the lining that shapes out and forms his brows, then add a crease between his eyes.


Now that the eyes is all set, you can draw in the small oval shapes for the eyeballs then color in the pupils. Draw the bean shaped nose and color that in as well. Now you are ready to draw out the lower half of Shadow's face which is where the mouth   


Draw in his fluffy or furry collar, then make the beginning lining for the back of Shadow's head.


Continue the whole drawing process by sketching out the entire head shape as well as Shadow's big, bulky, chunky, fat, thick pieces of prickly pricks or strands.


Draw in his cat like pointed ears, as well as the detailing on his hair, inside of the ears, and another spike off to the left. Erase all the mistakes and guidelines that you added when you first started this tutorial so you have a nice clean image t   


Here you have it, a clean, inked out drawing of Shadow the Hedgehog. Color him in and show off your drawing.

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March 25, 2012

Description: Here is another lesson that is going to have the 'for easy' in its title. I just had to fill a request for a lesson on "how to draw Shadow easy", step by step. I know Shadow the Hedgehog is another very popular character from the Sonic game series which is why I decided to fill the request. I also decided to turn Shadow into another tutorial because he is just as popular as Sonic, and I know more than one person will be enjoying this lesson. You will draw the head of Shadow from a three fourth angle once again. These angles are good for action characters because they have a more serious expression to their faces as well as a lot of angles, bumps and grooves. No matter how hard you may think this tutorial on drawing Shadow easy may be, you will definitely be successful when all is said and done. Just one more submission coming your way, then I am finally off to watch a low budget movie. Oddly, I like watching low budget flicks because not only are they almost funny, they can also be really good too. Okay, adios mi amigos, enjoy your day.

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