How to Draw an AR-15


Start with a straight horizontal line like so, then draw the guidelines for the clip/magazine and grip.


Up next, draw in the barrel and sight for the rifle or AR-15 like so.


We will now draw in the handguard which is the shape that is oblong in shape. There is also a front grip so add this as well. Don't forget to add the holes and detailing.


You will continue to work on drawing the gun body like so. Draw in the rugged lining for the picatinny rails at the top and sketch in detailing to the rest of the gun body.


You can now draw in the pistol grip in the back, the trigger guard and trigger, then draw the magazine clip and the housing area where the clip goes into.


Most AR-15's have collapsible stocks so you will now draw in the stock which looks hollow and then draw the rear sight. Add detailing to the stock before you proceed to step seven.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the chain for the dog tags and then draw the dog tags. Add the spelling on the tags as well. Erase your mistakes and guidelines if you made any.


Here is the line art for your AR-15. Now you can color in your newly drawn weapon and show someone what you know how to draw now.

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July 21, 2015

Description: So the other night I watched an awesome movie that inspired this lesson on how to draw an AR-15, step by step. The movie was Apocalypse Now and I have to tell you, that was an excellent film. After I finished the film I hopped on my computer to see if I ever did a lesson on an AR-15 and to my surprise I have not. So, this cool, epic version should please many of you who like drawing weapons especially assault rifles. Some say the AR-15 is not a reliable weapon, but I guess everyone has their own opinion on things. If you take notice to the background in the drawing it's 100% inspired by Apocalypse Now. The dog tags on the forestock of the AR-15 also represents this being a weapon that belonged to a solider. The US Military uses these rifles in combat. All the soldiers have one and now you can learn how to draw one. I hope you like this lesson. I haven't been getting feedback from ya'll so would like to say that I do enjoy reading any feedback you have so don't be shy to leave a comment. Adios people and enjoy!

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