How to Draw a Pentagram

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Drawing a pentagram is very easy, all you need to do is first draw a circle and then a vertical line down in the middle of the shape. You will then draw a sideways "V" and move to the next step.


Next draw out four of the five points and then thicken the star as seen here. Once that is done you can move to the next step which also happens to be your last.


Wow, look how far you have come with this lesson on how to draw a pentagram. What I want you to do to finish off this symbol, is first thicken the outside circle and then finish drawing the star as you see here. The only thing you have to erase is th   


And when you are done you should end up with a symbol that looks like this. You can color in your star black, white, blue, pink, purple or whatever you wish, it's your party. I hope you had fun learning "how to draw a pentagram step by step".

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June 26, 2009

Description: Symbols and their meanings is something that can almost be fascinating because they have so much history and mystery behind them. Now, because I love drawing new things and because I am a very open minded person, I wanted to fill another tutorial request on "how to draw a pentagram" step by step. I know that there is plenty of places where you can learn how to draw one of these symbols, I just felt that I needed to do one of my own. The pentagram is believed to be linked to evil, dark magic, stain and or the devil and it is also believed to be the symbol that witches, and warlocks use whether they are good or evil. The truth is, a pentagram is used in many different religions, and believe it or not when used in a traditional faith, the symbol makes sense. For example, did you know that Christians use the pentagram to describe the five senses? It’s true, some Christians from way back when, actually believed that the five points of the pentagrams star represented the five wounds inflicted on Christ. Not only do Christians use the pentagram in their faith, there is many more faiths and religions like Mormons, pagans, and of course Satanism. I know that Satanism is not what some of us like to hear, but the fact is, it is a real faith for a lot of people. Witches that practice white and black magic also use the symbol of the pentagram in different ways for different purposes. The band “HIM” intertwines the pentagram with a heart which symbolizes love and hate. No matter what your religion or beliefs are, the pentagram is commonly used more than you think. All I can do for you is show you how to draw a pentagram step by step. I hope you guys have fun once again with another lesson by mwah, draw it up and I will be back soon. Peace out peeps!

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