How to Draw a Simple Dragon


First off let me tell you that I am drawing along with my own tutorial, so you may see some slight changes.Lets get drawing! First lets start with some curvy lines, some dragons are long and slender, and this dragon will be. Now with the lines lets   


A long dragon looks good with a long noses, so lets give him a long noes. Next finish off his neck area by drawing another curvy line from under his head. Next we should draw the shoulder blades on the big circle, and his knees on the smaller circle   


Now lets finish his limbs by giving him some legs and arms. Most dragons have an elbow, and back knee, as well as long skinny arms and legs.


Time to finish off the sketch with his wings, horns, a cheek bone, and finish his tail. We need the cheek bone to help us point out were to start his jaw in the finish draft. His wings consist of three joins, on that starts at his body,the middle, an   


Here is were it starts getting tough. Dragons have many styles of heads, my dragons head is more of an 'eastern' style dragon head. He has big pointy horns, sharp teeth that come up from under his jaw, and an upset look on his face. Then we finish of   


This step is easy, you just have to finish off his neck, all you need to do is basically trace the neck from the sketch. Don't forget to add some details of your own.


Time for his arms. Dragons have a lot of muscle because they have to fly around and need the strength. Next, add some shoulder blades pointing out from his back as if he is hunched over. Finally don't' forget his arms, don't make him just lines, add    


The knees and legs should be the same as the arms. You need to add muscle and mass.


This is my preference, but I decided to add a rock for him to sit on. Rocks are pretty easy to draw since they have no real shape. You could also make the dragon just floating as if he is flying.


Time for hands and feet. Hands and feet are a very difficult subject to teach and to explain, so I wont go into any detail on how to draw hands, however there is another tutorial on the site! Don't forget to him some claws!


Time for another easy step. Simple just finish off his tail. My dragon has his tail wrapped around the rock for support.


Wings may seem difficult, but once you start to draw them they are pretty easy. If you already got the sketch step done finishing off these wings should be a snap! Just use the guideline you drew before and add some details like rips and wrinkles to    


Now just add a nice black outline and coloring him in anyway you like!


Dragons come in many colors. I like dark colors so I am going to color my dragon a darkish, purple, pink color.


Just add some fun shading and your done!

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December 16, 2012

Description: This is an advanced tutorials for people with drawing experience. Please keep in mind in this tutorial I am drawing a long the way as well, so you may see some changes in lines and color but nothing big. Enjoy!

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