How to Draw Gomez Addams

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Ready to draw Gomez? Good, let's get started. First draw the big circle for his head guide then draw in the guidelines for the face, shoulders and torso.


Before drawing Gomez's face shape we will need to draw in the face first. This won't be hard at all since his features are large. Start with his big bug eyes and then draw the lids so they are showing. You will then fill under the eyes with some bags   


Now it's time to draw out the very round shape of Gomez Addams' face. His hair is parted and rests on the sides of his temples just barely past the top parts of his ears which is why you can not see the top part of his ear. Once that is done you are    


You won't draw the whole jacket in this step, instead just draw the coat lapels first. They start right on the shoulders and sort of near the face.


Go ahead and draw the rest of the suit jacket and as you know Gomez Addams wears a striped jacket and a tie with a cross for a pin on it. Add the lines for the stripes, draw the shirt collar and tie, then you can erase the mistakes and guides to clea   


And here you have a finished drawing of Gomez Addams from the Addams Family 2019. Color him in to bring this character to life.

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March 11, 2019

Description: Here is a character that I have never made a lesson on before and when I found out that I didn't, I wanted to kick myself in the butt. He is the husband to Morticia and father to both Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, Here is how to draw Gomez Addams, step by step from The Addams Family 2019. He is such a character and one of my favorites from the television series and movies. Of course he looks a bit different in the 2019 animated version of The Addams Family, but he still holds all the characteristics of the great Gomez Addams. He too was a lot of fun to draw and I am very happy that I have almost the whole Addams family as drawing tutorials for you all. There are two more Addams Family members that I have to upload, then I will move on to some other neat stuff. So hang in there, tackle this lesson and wait for the other two. I will be back in a bit.

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