How to Draw Cristiano Ronaldo

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Start off by making an oval shape for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the oval you made in step one, begin sketching out the actual shape of Ronaldo's head and face like so. Be sure to incorporate the top portion of the hair which is sort of feathered in one direction.


Draw the ears, then sketch out the shape of his neck, shoulders, and add the lining to form the collar, and detailing lines of his shirt.


We will now work on his face. Start by sketching out the eyebrows. They should be dark and sort of thick. Sketch out the shape of his nose, then draw the thin mouth line to start the lips.


Continue to work on the face by drawing the shapes of the eyes. Add the actual eyeballs, then draw the lips. Add detailing to the inside of the ears which is just the cartilage.


Finish sketching out the hairstyle which is nice and short as well as combed neatly. The hair line should frame the face. Color in the eyes, add some definition above the eyes which is where his lids are, then lightly blot the face to create a five o   


Here is Cristiano Ronaldo when you're done. Now you can color him in and show some of your friends who also like soccer what you have drawn.

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January 28, 2013

Description: I will begin with a lesson on a very famous football player that is well recognized with soccer fans. To start the day I will show you "how to draw Cristiano Ronaldo", step by step. He is a Portuguese footballer who is the captain of his team which is the Portuguese national team. Now, I'm not familiar with the soccer version of football, nor do I know how to communicate Cristiano's career background without sounding like an idiot. I do know that he is among the top ten individuals that have the most popular Facebook page. Eminem is number five, and Cristiano Ronaldo is number thirteen holding 48,148,411 likes. He was born in Santo Antonio on February 5, 1985. This makes Cristiano twenty seven years old. He started playing football at the young age of eight for team Andorinha. Later in 1995 he signed with Nacional. Anyways, I do know that when Ronaldo was fifteen he had to have laser surgery on his heart because he had a condition called 'racers heart' which is also called 'Tachycardia  '. It's when the heart rate exceeds the normal range. Any heart that beats over one hundred times per minute is considered tachycardia. The tutorial on drawing Cristiano Ronaldo will be loved by all you football/soccer fans. I will be back with more drawing fun so come back around or stay tuned in. Peace out folks.

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