How to Draw a Sexy Woman, Sexy Woman


Lips| Yes, the lips of a female character is VERY important, and there's just so many ways to draw them, and ways NOT to. If you've noticed, 1) the upper lip is only 3/4 smaller than the lower lip. You can range the sizes of the top and bottom lips,    


These are two ideal body types for a sexy female. Notice how the torsos are elongated and toned. A. Has the perfect breast size and B. has a larger comparison. All in all, practice with the bust sizes and torso sizes. Sexy women have curvacious featu   


Ok so lots of people don't grasp the fact that drawing a body is based off basic shapes that form the 'curves' and 'form'. If you prefer, you can draw shapes similar to these to base the formation of the completed subject. The spine line which connec   


This figure can be drawn by starting out with some shapes and guides. Make a head shape and then draw in the guidelines for the face and body like so.


Sketch out the actual shape of the lower portion of her face like so, and then draw in the eye shapes as well as a wispy lash.


The next thing to do is begin drawing out her very sharp and angled hairstyle. Someone asked me on Facebook if I was trying to replicate Meg's hairstyle from Disney's Hercules, and my answer to that question is no. As I was drawing out this woman fig   


You will now sketch in her nicely shaped eyebrows, pretty eye lashes, and then draw in the lines that form her eyeballs. Once that is done you will need to draw her nose, mouth and lips. Don't forget to dress her face up with earrings. Lastly, sketch   


Continue to draw the shoulders and then her arms as well as the hands and then draw in her breast which is covered up with her arm. Like I said, she is a bashful gal that wants to find her clothes.


Continue to work on her body by sketching out the rest of her torso, and then begin drawing the hips, back end, and then the tops of her thighs. Sketch some stomach detailing and draw in one long curl that is touching her thigh.


Before you get started with her hair finish drawing out her legs. Next, draw the long curly locks and then add some hair strand detailing before you clean up this sketch.


The line art comes out looking awesome and you will now be able to color her in. I hope you guys had a blast with drawing a sexy woman.

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February 22, 2017

Description: Looking at some of the comments that folks left in the past on some of the female lessons almost makes me not want to submit this next tutorial. Before I start this lesson on "how to draw a sexy woman", step by step, I want to let you guys know that all of the lessons I submit that is based on female figures in sexy or naughty poses, is supposed to be used as reference drawings that you can get some ideas from as to what or how a sexy woman, or figure should look. I sifted through a few ideas until I came up with a sweet faced girl that is bashful because she just lost her clothes from bathing in the lake. As you can see by her face and hairstyle, this woman is from the times when washing up in a pond, lake, or stream was normal. People used to do this back when folks got around using a horse and carriage, all the way up to when bicycles where introduced. I truly had so much fun sketching out this female figure and even though some of you may find her a bit provocative, she is only here to help others become better figure artists. How is someone supposed to learn the technique to drawing people and human anatomy without getting some sort of help with how to start and where to begin? Regardless of what people think, I think anyone who is serious about drawing a sexy woman would really enjoy learning from this submission. I hope you guys are having a good holiday, and I will see you back here tomorrow with a couple more tutorials for you folks to enjoy.

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