How to Draw Vampire Shadow the Hedgehog


First you will start off with a circle and two diagonal lines across it,then make 'L' shaped lines around the circle. Next,draw a bird shaped body for Shadow's cape,and at the below that draw what kind of resembles bird feet for Shadow's shoes.


Now draw Shadow's ears,outline of his face,eyes and nose. Next,draw his knuckles to show he is gripping the cape and don't' forget the extra line on top of the cape. After you have done that you are ready to start drawing parts of Shadow's shoes.


The next thing you should draw is the rest of Shadow's ear,then move on to the cape and add an extra piece of the cape that Shadow will be holding. Now start completing more of Shadow's shoes.


So close!Now time to start completing most of Shadow, draw out the rest of Shadow's head and eyes. Make sure to draw his thumb and other hand with the cape so it looks like he is grabbing the cape. I know I've mentioned it twice already but now it's    


Last step!!! Draw the back of Shadow's head and don't forget his fangs and mouth. After you're done with that you can draw the bottom of the cape (if not like this) anyway you want. Make sure to draw line on his second hand to show he is gripping the   


You have now finished Vampire Shadow the Hedgehog! Well, I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did!

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August 17, 2010

Description: Well for my second tutorial, I am going to show everyone How to Draw Vampire Shadow the Hedgehog. Now this tutorial was first an artwork request from a friend, but as soon as a comment said I should make it into a tutorial that's exactly what I did. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on How to Draw Vampire Shadow the Hedgehog.

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