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How to Draw Jingle

Artist: limegreen_ac / August 7, 2010
How to Draw Jingle

Step 1.

The first step in drawing Jingle is to start off with a medium sized circle followed by two other circles on the top of his head to give him a Mickey Mouse look.Next draw a diagonal line going from the top of the circle to the bottom,and two diagonal   

Step 2.

After you've completed the first step,from the middle point of the head and the first eye line make an arrow shape and on the left line continue up to more than half way to the ear,stop and draw to the right to the other ear.Draw three lines between    

Step 3.

Almost done,on top of his head fill in his hair for his mohawk.On both of his ears draw 'M' shaped lines and continue to make a circle shape to complete his ears.Draw two circles on each eye one small,the other a little smaller.About on the top left    

Step 4.

Finally to finish his mohawk draw a couple of curved horizontal lines.From the top left ear to his chin draw another curved line for his face.For the rest of his face draw his nose and mouth,not forgetting his whiskers.Next the guitar,in the middle o   

Step 5.

After you have erased the extra lines and done some touch-ups if needed you have successfully drawn Jingle!I hope you all enjoy drawing this tutorial!

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Artist: limegreen_ac
Date Added: August 7, 2010
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Tags: how to draw hamtaro characters
Description: Hi everyone!Well this is my very first tutorial that I've been wanting to do for quite a while.I'm going to show you "<strong>"How to Draw Jingle</strong>" from Hamtaro step by step. I loved the show Hamtaro and remember watching it a couple of years ago on television,until I started watching it again and started falling in love with the show once again.In the show there is a character that is one of my favorites and his name is Jingle.Jingle is a cute little Ham-Ham that loves music,carrying around and playing his guitar. Well I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial on "How to Draw Jingle from Hamtaro."