How to Draw Sonic

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Begin this step by drawing the basic guide work for Sonic. This includes drawing a large circle for his head, a smaller circle for the body, and a few wire frames for the position of the character.


Start drawing the shape of the head and the spike that protrudes from his head. Sonic has several spike like objects that create a type of hairstyle. Don't forget to sketch the mouth part as well as the nose for him.


Next, draw large curves that shape the eyes. This is important because you'll be able to identify where to accurately place the eyes. Add in the left ear and the mouth that completes the face of Sonic.


Then, draw the beginning part of the body. It's important to focus on the mid section of his body. You'll be able to accurately draw the rest of the anatomy. For the right arm, add the cuff for the glove. Start the cuff by drawing a closing to the ar   


Next, finish off the gloves by shaping the hands, the rest of the spines, and the small belly spot. I drew his left glove in this position because in the original video games, he frequently flashes off a thumbs up.


Lastly, draw the pointy shoes and legs. It's important to start with the legs first and then work onwards to the footwear. Don't forget to draw the small tail in the background of his body.


Once you've finished your journey with this tutorial, you're drawing should be similar to the lineart! If you're not completely satisfied on how your drawing resulted, retry the tutorial. Like I said before in the description, I have another tutorial   

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August 1, 2010

Description: I'm pretty sure you've realized the numerous tutorials of Sonic characters that bestow upon DragoArt. These popular series of characters has grown widely popular amongst the gaming genre. Me and my brother used to play the game series all the time. Back in 2000, we got so excited over the first 3-D Sonic game. I'm not sure what it was called, but it included Amy, Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. In this awesome tutorial you'll be learning ”how to draw Sonic”. I have a few tutorials on this character by a few members and one by myself. This tutorial is simply based on the new Sonic with a nice dynamic action set pose. You'll have some great experience drawing him in this kickin' stance. Drawing Sonic shouldn't be too hard if you've had previous experience with drawing him before. If you're a little queasy on this lesson, go checkout the older lesson that features the old version of Sonic. Anyways, the drawing was pretty simple to accomplish. When you go over the base of the head, keep in mind that the ears are erect and sharp. This character has a lot of sharp and curvy edges. The coloring can be done by using any type of media. I would recommend using “cross hatching” to rid of unwanted white from the paper. Leaving behind white from the paper will make your drawing seem stale, boring, and lifeless. However, if you're inexperienced with using colored pencils, pastels or paints, practice using them. Sooner or later down in the long run, you'll have to make friends with them. Well folks, I really hope this tutorial will kick in as a treat for all you Sonic fanatics. I had lots of fun drawing this character once again so I hope you will to! Learning ”how to draw Sonic step by step” can be easy to accomplish with practice!

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