How to Draw Blaze the Cat

Artist: nin_mario64 / September 10, 2010

Step 1.

OK. So to start of with, draw a large circle for the head, the body shape uderneath with the legs as single lines and small circles for the hands. This completes the guideline.

Step 2.

Now to start adding the detail. to start off with, you'll need to start with the face by drawing the eyes, ears and spikes on the top of her head as you can see in the image. Then move onto the body by drawing the collar and clothing. Don't forget ab   

Step 3.

Great! Now to go into further detail. Again, I'd start with the face by drawing the shape of the face by adding the points on the side of her face. Finish the spikes on the head and tie it up with the ring that, well, ties them up! Finish the hands b   

Step 4.

Ok. Were getting closer to the finish line. Continue by finishing the ears and adding the muzzle. Carry on with the clothes on left hand side, and draw the fuzzy around the wrist and ankle.

Step 5.

And now to go further. draw in the eyelashes, the markings on the spikes, the spot on her foreheadand the nose. Draw in the arms and the rst of the fuzzy and finish of the clothing by drawing the design, and start to draw the shoes.

Step 6.

Were on the final hurdle now! To finish, draw the pupils tail, shoes and the flames in her hand.

Step 7.

FINISH!!! Congratulatoins! I you want to, add the finsh touches by going over the lines in pen or a bolder pencil, and out the guidelines and add some colour, maybe finished off with a signature or something. LOL! Thanks for viewing!

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Artist: nin_mario64
Date Added: September 10, 2010
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Description: Sorry I haven't uploaded any tutoriaals in ages. I haven't had a chance to get on the computer lately. But anywayz, here it is and hope it's useful.