How to Draw Sonic the Werehog


To start off, draw a large circle for the head then the body shape, the hands and the limbs as lines and the guideline's completed. On to the next step!


OK. Now to start adding the details. Draw the fingers, complete the legs and start to draw the face by starting the eyes, ears and the muzzle bit around his mouth.


Done? Now we need to draw in the arms and finish the eyes and ears. Remember to draw the cuffs around his shoes and the claws on his fingers.


Now we need to draw the mouth, pupils and spikes on the back of his head. Once you've done that, draw the fuzz around his hands and start to draw the shoes.


Great. Now to finish we need to finish the shoes add the nose and draw in the designs on the spikes and the chest.


And now its finished! Good work!

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August 10, 2010

Description: I know what your thinking, what's up with the background. Well basically, I started using the airbrush tool in paint and then I went to the background and mucked up and I didn't have enough undo's so i had to keep using the airbrush tool.

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