How to Draw Eclipse the Hedgehog

Artist: nin_mario64 / August 18, 2010

Step 1.

To start off, draw a circle for the head, with the body shape. Coming off the body, draw lines for the limbs and circles for the hands and remeber to start the shoes to complete the guideline.

Step 2.

Now to start adding the details. Start to draw the things coming off the head, the muzzle bit, the legs the hands and the shoes.

Step 3.

Great! Now we need to start the eyes and continue with the things coming off his head. Finish drawing the hands and the legs and draw the cuffs around his shoes.

Step 4.

Finish with the things coming off hus head and finish the eye shape. Remember that the edges are bold. Draw the hair on the chest , the cuffs around his wrist and his umm... lets say socks and add further detail to the shoes.

Step 5.

OK. Now we need to start drawing the spikes on the back of his head, his ears and nose. Draw the sleeves (well, what you can see of them)and continue adding detail to the shoes. Don't forget the scarf swaying around behind him and his tail.

Step 6.

And now finally, finish off the spikes and the shoes, draw in the pupils and mouth and the designs on his head.

Step 7.

Now to finish, bolden the correct lines or go over the in pen, erase the guidelies and your finished! YAY!!

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Artist: nin_mario64
Date Added: August 18, 2010
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Tags: draw characters from sonic, draw sonic characters, draw sonic the hedgehog characters, how to draw characters from sonic, how to draw sonic characters
Description: A tutorial of a sonic character that I made up. The final picture isnt that good because it has a really bold outline. LinkinRocker wanted me to do a tutorial of it and here it is. Hope its useful!