How to Draw Rouge from Sonic

Artist: Snow92 / July 9, 2010

Step 1.

First of all draw a basic circle for the head followed by her ears which are quite large. I then drew the heart shape on her chest as well as the top of her breast and her hips.

Step 2.

Now complete the inside of the heart and begin on her face. Keep in mind her eyes are mostly closed and she has very thick eyelashes. Draw in her hair and make a start on her arms.

Step 3.

Draw in the last little bit of her hair on the other side and then draw her bat wings. you'll see one is slightly larger then the other. Now you can draw the line defining her cleavage.

Step 4.

Now you may draw in the last of her arms. As you can see they are huge. Draw in the beginning of her boots.

Step 5.

Her boots are very long and have a little heart at the toes. her left leg in pointing so that boot isnt as wrinkles as the other.

Step 6.

Now shes looking great all you've got to do is tidy her up, especially her head and colour her in :) Hope you enjoy This as much as I did.

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