How to Draw Chibi Jungle Princess

Artist: Sandy_Candy / October 19, 2012

Step 1.

Now draw in more bits of hair and the start of chibi Jungle Princess's skull crown.

Step 2.

Draw her crown's crown (I know, it's weird). Notice that so far everything is symmetrical and aligned.

Step 3.

Draw more hair. Now everything isn't symmetrical. * (T_T) *

Step 4.

Start drawing her beehive hair and then add in her right eye. This time I'm drawing eyes differently, not like the simple ones I normally do.

Step 5.

Make details on her right eye and draw another eye to her left, and make it winking. 0 ;)

Step 6.

Now add in some line-marks and draw her mouth. :) ;D

Step 7.

Start drawing her body.

Step 8.

Draw in her really small legs and then move on to step 9.

Step 9.

Now put in her body markings, they are tribal like but they look like skinny arm bands.

Step 10.

Erase the guidelines,

Step 11.

Colour her in!! Now you can see she has greeny-blue skin, kind of like a Smurf. :D. Funny, right??

Step 12.

I added a background, so Her Higness can have a nice atmosphere!!

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