How to Draw Fiona and Marshall Lee Kissing, Adventure Time


Let's start by making two circles for the heads, then draw the guides for their faces and torsos.


Let's start with drawing Marshall Lee. make the profile of his face starting with the forehead, then make the nose, puckered lips, chin, and neck.


Draw in the grungy style hairdo that he is known for wearing, then add some spiked at the back of the head on his hair.


Finish off Marshall Lee's face and head by drawing in his vampire style ear, the rest of his hair that rests on his forehead, then draw in the eyebrow, closed eye, blush marks on his cheek, then the vampire bites.


Now let's get started with Fiona. Draw in her mushed looking forehead, then draw the mouth which is her lips touches Marshall's. Next, draw out the hair that is not covered by her hoodie from the costume.


Draw in closed eye, add the lashes, then draw in her blush marks on the cheek.


Draw the back of the hood, then draw in the ears, and some of the backpack.


Continue to work on her body by drawing the profile of her torso. Finish drawing out her backpack, then draw in her arm which is reaching for Marshall.


Now it's time to draw out Marshall Lee's body. Start with the straight edged collar, then draw in the shoulder, arm, and the back. You will also need to draw Fiona's hand on his shoulder.


Draw Fiona's other arm, then make the trimming on the sleeves, then you are ready to color in your two characters that are in love. Erase the mistakes before you do that though.


Here they are all drawn out and looking fabulous. Now you can color them in. Awesome job today guys, I do hope you all learned something new.

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October 5, 2012

Description: This has got to be one of my favorite drawings for the night. This lesson was drawn while I was live, and I have to tell you it ended up coming out pretty dang good. I love the lighting, I love the kiss, and I love how you can actually see from the drawing their feelings for one another. Fiona looks beautiful, and Marshall lee looks handsome for a cartoon vampire. I do think that many of you will have a blast as you tackle the task of drawing Fiona and Marshall Lee kissing. Well, that just about does it for me for the night. I will be back tomorrow with some more drawing fun for you all. Adios mi amigos and enjoy!

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