How to Draw Popcorn Shapes

Artist: Sandy_Candy / October 19, 2012

Step 1.

This will be a nice, quick and easy tut to do! Start with a slender shape kind of like and eyebrow. :P

Step 2.

Draw the body of the popcorn slip/case and go to step 3 when you've finished.

Step 3.

Draw it's cute little arms, which are like rectangles with balls on the ends. Or microphones, :D. Then draw it's facial features!!

Step 4.

Draw assorted shapes all around the popcorn slip/case. I drew stars and circles, but you can do any shapes you'd like!

Step 5.

Once you've done every thing you can start colouring! Well done!

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Artist: Sandy_Candy
Date Added: October 19, 2012
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Description: Well, hey guys what's new?? Because this tut certainly is! This tut will show you how to draw 'how to draw popcorn shapes, step by step' It's really cute and colourful!! I had heaps of fun making this tut and I think you'll like drawing this tutorial too!! Well, you certainly can't eat it but you possibly could try making it and eating it for real... but you can try!! So, I'm going to shut up now so you can enjoy the tutorial!! Have fun! Candy