How to Draw Zombie Fiona, Adventure Time


Let us begin with a circle for the head, then sketch in the guidelines for the face and body.


Here you will draw the round shape of the face. The inner half circle line is the actual face, and the outer lining is the hood. Draw in her side bang that hangs low.


Draw out the top of the head as well as the ear, then sketch out the missing chunk of her head, as well as the pulled off hair, and some of her exposed brain. Next, draw and color in the eyes, then draw out her snarling mouth followed by her small sh   


Okay, now draw out the small skinny neck, then draw the chest, shoulder, and arm. Draw in a bite on her shoulder, followed by the ends of her torn top.


Okay, since some of her torso is torn and exposed, you will need to draw in the rib cage. When that is done draw the rest of her body shape, followed by her backpack. Add the wrinkles or folds at the pinch of her hip, then move to step six.


Draw in her left or right arm and hand like so, then draw in her heart that she is clearly still squeezing. Add the artery at the top of the heart too.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in all of the detailing and definition that will finish zombie Fiona off. take your time as you tackle this step, but before you do, make sure you erase the mistakes first.


This is it, the finished drawing of zombie Fiona. Now you can color her.

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October 6, 2012

Description: Hey guys, so here is what I am going to do. For the whole month of October I will be uploading Halloween related lessons. So far I have submitted a couple zombie figures, as well as a pumpkin and skull. For my first tut of the day I will be showing you "how to draw zombie Fiona", step by step. I really had so much fun with drawing Fiona as a zombie or “walker” as my favorite characters from The Walking Dead call them. I wanted to keep her character looking like herself, just in a self mutilating way. You see, Fiona initially became infected by a zombie when she was bit on her shoulder. Once she started screaming more and more zombies came and swarmed her body like flies on pigs. In the gruesome attack, she lost part of her head, and some of her internal insides. After the fall she rose once again only to rip her own heart out for dinner. Of course if this lesson is too brutal for some of you, you can tweak the drawing any way you like. Well, I think I've said enough, so let me get out of here so you can get busy. Have fun drawing zombie Fiona folks, and be sure to leave some feedback. Adios!

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