How to Draw a Ghost

How to Draw a Ghost
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Draw some guidelines. Knowing that most people don't really like guidelines, these are the only ones you'll be drawing! :)


Draw in his/her wavy-like bottom bit.


Now draw in his/her facial features. After doing the whole thing, I drew in some cute fangs. You can do that if you wish to.


Erase the guidelines and any mistakes you may have had. You can also draw in some shadow at the bottom.


Now you can colour him/her in!! Well, to be honest I didn't really colour anything at all. Just his mouth, which I coloured in a pink colour.

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October 11, 2012

This is another installment to Dragoart's Halloween theme. Since Halloween is coming up faster than we know it, i thought It'd be good to upload more Halloween tutorials! Halloween is SOOO awesome! I'm dressing up as a goth or maybe a witch. Leave a comment below and tell what your'e dressing up as! XD

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