How to Draw Zombie Finn, Finn From Adventure Time

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Make a single circle that is medium in size. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then you're done here.


Now, use the shape you just made to draw out the outline of Finn's head. Notice the rips, tears, and worn out blemishes, you will have to draw the head of Finn in this very same manner.


Using the facial guidelines, draw and color in the eyes. Draw the mouth but most of the top lid line is drawn to look tattered, torn, and damaged. Add some crease lines under the eyes, then add some detailing to the forehead.


Here is where you will take your time and draw out the nasty row of teeth that I drew in his mouth. Since he is a zombie, his teeth need to look like they can shred human flesh with. Sketch in all the scuff, marks, and bruises to the surface of Finn'   


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the actual shape of the head, followed by the suits ears. There is some bite marks along the edging of the hood, draw these in as well. You will need to erase the mistakes when you are all don   


Well, that's it. All your hard work just paid off because now you have a new drawing of Finn in a zombie style. Great drawing to color in and decorate for Halloween.

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October 4, 2012

Description: Well folks, here is what I call one scary looking Finn from Adventure Time. What inspired me to do a zombie version of Finn, is my addictive want and need for more Walking Dead episodes. I absolutely love the show, and I think it's one of the best series to ever air on AMC. The opening music and introduction is so eerie and vivid. I wanted Finn to have no hint of cuteness anywhere, so I went ahead and went all out. Today you will get the opportunity to learn "how to draw zombie Finn", step by step. Zombie Finn is probably one of my favorite zombie recreations I have drawn thus far. If all does well with this zombie, I will make and upload more from the show. Until then, have fun with drawing zombie Finn, and be sure to leave a comment and or rating, or both. Peace out people!

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