How to Draw a Satan Tattoo


Here you will sketch out the head and facial guidelines and shape. The head is an oblong shape that tappers at the chin.


You will now begin forming the actual structure of the head, then include the devil horns that are slightly curved and not so long.


Add the indent or dimpling at the base of each horn too add detail and dramatics to the Satan tattoo. You will proceed on by sketching out the brows. Notice how the brows are very prominent. Draw the nose or the tip of the nose. Notice how the nose i   


Continue to work on the eyes by drawing the actual eyeballs, then add detailing along the forehead and under each eye. The whole idea is to make the crinkles on the forehead appear deep or indented. Add some crinkle to the bridge of the nose.


Add the indents to the cheeks, or to create the detailing and formation of the cheeks. You will also form the long lining that forms parts of the mouth.


Fill the whole or gap by sketching out the upper gums and then fill those gums with sharp fangs and teeth. The tongue should be drawn in a long spear like shape that has a serious point.


Draw the bottom jaw and also draw in two fangs that the tongue rests between perfectly.


Sketch out the sides of the face or the cheeks. They should be drawn on an angled slope, then when that is done you can draw in the long angled shaped ears. The lobes are small, but noticeable.


You will stay working on the ears to complete the form and structure of the head and ears completely.


For the last step all you have to do is sketch out the neck for your Satan. The lining for the sides of the neck should be lumpy. Add folds and creases and then begin erasing your mistakes.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can decide what shades to use to color in your new tattoo drawing.

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February 16, 2014

Description: Here is that devil or Satan tattoo that I worked on the other day, and posted to my Facebook page. Today is the day that you will all get to learn "how to draw a Satan tattoo", step by step. Even though this drawing or image may look complex at first sight, it's actually going to be quite simple to recreate. Yes I know there is ten steps, but they will not be as hard to follow as you may think. So go ahead and get busy with tackling the task of drawing a Satan tattoo. I don't know, maybe devil sounds better.

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