How to Draw Moka From Rosario Vampire


Let's start off by making some guides, one for the head and another for her torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well as her neck guide.


Begin sketching out the shape of Moko's face like so, then draw in her bangs which sway to the right of her forehead.


Now that her face shape is drawn along with her bangs, you can sketch out the shapes of her long pretty eyes followed by her lashes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. Make sure that the eyes have a thick, full bold look at the ends.


Sketch in the shape of her neck, then draw the collar around the base of the neck. You will also need to add the ring and bead like chain that flows through the loop of the neck ring. Add some length to her hairstyle as well in this step.


You can proceed on with drawing the jacket collar which is open to expose some of her chest, then draw in a hair strand chunk like so. The collar is in a V lined shape or pattern like you see here.


You will now draw out the rest of the front part for her jacket. This is also where and when you will add the cleavage.


Begin sketching out the shoulders and long lining for her arms or sleeves. Add the crinkle at the elbow, then draw one part of her breast shape.


Finish drawing the arms/sleeves, then sketch in the seam line on the shoulders, and upper arms. You will also need to add some wrinkles and creases as well as the right breast shape.


Next, sketch out the shape of her torso or waist, then draw in the zipper, pocket flap, and the definition on her jacket.


For the last step all you have to do is sketch in the long straight hairstyle. Notice how it flows in a wide form at the ends of her hair. Detail the style as well.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can have even more fun by coloring in Moko. I hope you enjoyed this lesson folks.

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January 13, 2017

Description: I have done my fair share making lessons on some pretty cool Rosario Vampire characters and today I guess I will upload another. She is one of my favorite characters and it's not because of her personality or character traits. It's because of her look and style. Here is "how to draw Moka", step by step. Moka is a Shinso Vampire and is one of the first persons that Tsukune Aono meets when he's at Yōkai realm. She has long pinkish purple colored hair and wears a tight form fighting black jacket lined with finish purple seams and collar flaps. I really enjoyed making this drawing/tut and I hope you will too. If you are a Rosario Vampire fan you should enjoy drawing Moka too.

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