How to Draw a Cool Devil Head


First make a circle for the head guide, then sketch in the one facial guideline.


Next, draw the shape of the forehead and incorporate the thick bushy eyebrow.


Now you can draw in the nose which is big and pointed. Then draw the mouth which is in a big grin. Also add the frown line too.


Continue to work on the mouth by drawing the bottom lip. Add the teeth which are clutched down on one another.


Add the shapes of the eye brows, then add the bumps for the cheeks. You will also add the thick crease of crinkle on the side of the devil's nose.


Draw the hairy chin and beard, then draw the rest of the facial hair which covers most of the jawline.


Up next, draw the large pointed ear, then add detailing inside of the ear.


Here is where you will finish this drawing. Add the back lining to the head, then draw in the devil horns. Erase the mistakes and you are finished.


The line art should come out clean and ready to color in. That's it, show off your work now.

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May 5, 2017

Description: You want another cool lesson on something that would make a great tattoo on any man? Well here it is. I want to show you folks "how to draw a cool devil head", step by step. This lesson is from the side once again because as you know lessons made from the side are usually easier to replicate come time to tackling the tutorial. Everything about this devil screams "DRAW ME!". The simplicity is awesome because all parts of the devils face is large enough to understand and follow in step by step form. Drawing devils can be fun and not dark. This is a good example of that statement. So go ahead and enjoy this submission. I will return later with more fun tuts for you all.

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