Skeleton Hand and Rose Art Tutorial


The first step just consists of the guidelines for the rose and skeleton hand.


Using the guides you made in step one, begin to draw in the center shape of the rose as well as the ends of the rose petals as you see here. When that is done you can draw the outer shapes of the skeleton knuckles and palm.


Continue to work on the rose by drawing the rest of the petals. When that is complete you can draw the rest of the skeletal fingers and the stem for the rose.


Lastly, shade in the areas as shown in this step. You will want to also shade in the thumb the is behind the skeleton fingers. When you are happy with your work, go ahead and erase all the guides.


And here is what your finished drawing should look like when done. Go ahead and add some color and a background if you'd like. Don't forget to comment, fav and share.

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February 22, 2023

Description: Hello again everyone. I decided I am enjoying making drawing tutorials so I figured I would go ahead and try to make another. The art came out pretty cool, A nice simple drawing of a skeleton hand holding a rose flower. I like drawing simple concept art so I hope you will enjoy learning from it. Here is how to draw a skeleton hand and rose.

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