Marry Me Drawing Lesson


Okay guys start off with the guidelines and shapes for your skeleton figure and the hand that he is proposing to.


Okay folks, now we will use the guidelines and shape we made for the skeleton's head and we will draw the actual profile of the skeleton's face and head shape.


Define the lower jaw and add some detailing to the bottom back part of the skull. Define the lower teeth and chin area.


Start drawing the neck in sections.


Draw the collar of his tux first, then draw the shape of the back and then draw the arm or sleeve. Notice that the sleeve is tattered and worn and has holes scattered about.


You will draw the tail to the tux jacket and be sure to draw in the rips, holes and tears along the edge lining of the jacket. Draw in the skeletal hands like you see it done for you here.


Draw the other arm and sleeve as well along with the ring he is holding.


Now you can draw the legs. At the bottom of the pants they are tattered.


This skeleton is wearing a pair of shoes so draw in the shoes and laces. Add some definition to them and notice that the leg that is kneeling has some exposed bone showing, around the ankle to be exact.


Finally, draw the hand that is coming in as well as the ribbon of flowers around the wrist of that hand. Color in the shadows of the skeletons body and suit and then define that skeletal hand coming in. Erase the mistakes and the guides.


Here is the finished line art when you are done. You can have a blast coloring in this drawing on Marry Me.

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April 1, 2021

Description: This next lesson is not as traditional as some you may come by when browsing the many tutorials here on I love this site, there is so much to do with so many functions. Up next I will be showing you how to draw a skeleton in a Marry Me pose. I love this lesson because of the subliminal message that the concept gives away. It's all based on interpretation and people will interpret this art piece differently. I think it is a beautiful, yet morbid piece on how love lasts till death and within death our conscience just flows into another existence and with our new existence we meet up with our love again in our next lives. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the lesson. Yes, I know the skeleton looks a lot like the mascot from My Chemical Romance. Ta tah for now.

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