How to Draw Skeleton Bart


Start off with a series of guide shapes and lines to form the frame for Skelton Bart.


Using the guides begin to draw the outline of Bart Simpson. Notice how the guidelines where laid out so you can easily draw the shape of Bart's body.


Next, begin to draw the skeletal version of Bart's face. Basically the same way you would draw Bart, just no flesh and all bone. The eye sockets are hollow as is the nose. The neck is bone, the mouth is bone and so is the ear.


Here you will draw the rib cage like so.


Add the bones to define the rib cage and then color in some of those bones too.


Go ahead and draw out the skeletal limbs as well as the pelvic area in skeletal form.


Lastly, draw the skeletal legs and then his skeletal feet. Erase the mistakes and all the guides that are visible.


And here you have it, a finished drawing of skeleton Bart Simpson.

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November 27, 2021

Description: If you are wondering who this figure is standing before you, it is a lesson on how to draw skeleton Bart Simpson, step by step. This is another character I seen on a t-shirt in Hot Topic and I absolutely fell in love with it. The original picture had a skeletal dog standing next to Bart, but I just wanted to focus on a lesson that just shows you how to draw Bart Simpson as a skeleton. Perfect timing too because Halloween is just around the corner and I know lots of people love drawing skeletons of all sorts. So I do hope you have fun with this version of Bart Simpson. He will be fun and maybe even a bit challenging. Either way enjoy.

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