Draw Pickle Rick Easy


We will start by drawing out the basic guidelines for pickle rick's pickle shaped body.


Here you will use the top brow guides to draw in his eyebrows which are basically shaped like a WIDE V. Once that is done, you can draw the mouth, the flabs at the corners of the mouth, and then his teeth and dribble.


Go ahead and draw in his eye shapes, eyes, lids and pupils.


Add the small bumps that makes the pickle texture for rick's cucumber body.


Lastly, draw the two toned markings. Erase the guides and you're done.


Here is the finished product. Now color him in to bring Pickle Rick to life.

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February 19, 2023

Description: Hey there everyone. This is my very first drawing tutorial and the image actually comes from one of my battle uploads. I thought this would make a really cool drawing lesson, and I tried to make it easy to draw pickle rick. So knock yourselves out and tackle this simple task of drawing Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty.

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