How to Draw a Geometric Rose


First, let's sketch the center of the rose, this will aid us when we start layering the other petals besides one another.


Next, we will simply just draw, starting with the center we drew before, smaller petals within that center. Then, you will draw the beginning stages of the outer petals. Try imagine drawing around it as if it were a spiral!


Then, we will start getting bigger the size of the petals, so the sizes of each petal will increase the closer we get to the final outer edges!


Next, draw the two boxy shaped petals below the rose.


Then, let's work on the even bigger petals that encompass the middle of the rose.


Finally, draw the remaining rose petals around it, do you see how seriously easy that was??


Here is where you will draw in the leaves. .Be sure to add the veins on the leaves for added detail and realism.


Once you're satisfied with the way you've drawn yours by following these easy steps, you should result with something almost identical to this. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson because it was a pleasure creating it!

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November 12, 2020

Description: Hey guys! How about another lesson today that kind of defies the usual style I create tattoo art? In this tut, I will be showing you a cool and easy way on drawing a geometric styled rose. This should be very easy since it's basically a spiral of layered petals with squared edges. I've been witnessing a lot of these geometrical styled tattoos all over Instagram and Facebook. Anyways, let me know what you think and if this kind of hits the sweet spot of what you imagined for a geo tattoo rose.

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