How to Draw a Flower Girl


Start off with some circles for the head and body and then guidelines for the face, neck and limbs as well as the hair.


We will draw out the profile of a skeletal figure starting with the skull and skeletal face. Once that is done draw in the neck bones or vertebrae and then the bones for the shoulder, back and arm.


Continue with the skeletal figure by drawing the rib cage and then more of the back bones and some of the pelvic bones.


Here you will draw out and color in the figure of a girl with lots of hair in the back flowing and a lot of hair in the back hanging. Add shading, detailing and texture definition.


All you have to do here is add some shading and or color.


Now you can draw in all the outlined shapes of each flower or daisy that is scattered in different sizes and shapes.


Now just color in the centers for each flower and you are done.


That's it. When all is complete you can have a drawing of a flower girl like you see here.

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May 1, 2021

Description: Winter is over and Spring has begun. With the departure of Winter 2021, I often feel a piece of me is being put to sleep as well until the next Winter comes around. Today, I wanted to show you how to draw a flower girl, step by step. This flower girl represents the departure of Summer and the arrival of Fall or Autumn and as you see the warm colors behind the figure and the flowers scattered behind her as well, you can visually feel that Summer is behind us and the colder weather is what we are walking into in days ahead hence the cooler colors in the front and the disappearance of the flowers with the arrival of snow (the white specs). I love the way this drawing came out and I think all of you will too. Now that you know the flower girl is that of a being saying good-bye to Summer and hello to Winter. I will be back soon with more so stick around or come back around.

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